About The Chamber

The Nigerian-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NMCCI) is an organisation created to promote the development of Nigerian and Mexican economic relations by creating a platform for individuals and business communities to network and develop their common interests. It was established with the support of the Embassy of Mexico in Nigeria in 2014 to encourage collaboration between the Nigerian private and public sectors, and its counterpart in Mexico. The Nigerian Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its inaugural board meeting on December 4, 2014 and was launched on December 11, 2014. The Chamber has offices in both Lagos and Abuja.

What constitutes the Nigerian Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

The members constitute the Nigerian Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These members represent different local businesses within the public and private sectors in Nigeria and Mexico who have come together to advocate on behalf of the entire business community to achieve a common goal.

How are policies set for the Chamber?

Policies that guide and ensure the effective operation of the Nigerian Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry are set by the members of the Board. These policies are regularly reviewed to ensure relevance and fitness for purpose for the benefit of all our members.

What are the benefits of being a member??

The chamber puts you in direct contact with potential business leads in Nigeria, Mexico and across the world

Networking opportunities – members get access to like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs with a common goal.

As a member, international business relations becomes easier.

One on One support systems: We see to it that our members gets the necessary support they require to further their business activities.

Access to business building seminars, conferences and Trade Missions at discounted rates.

We have an M.O.U with Bankomex( Bank of Mexico) and Nexim bank : members can access credit facilities for their businesses.

We have a working relationship with the Embassy of Mexico : members enjoy letters to the embassy introducing them as members of the chamber.